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Mayflower Poster

Update! I didn’t realise how popular this would be so am going to ask for a donation our community interest group. Just £2 is fair I think??  We work so hard at keeping the Mayflower story alive for all walks of life here in Plymouth and really need funds all the time. It is embarrassing chasing £££ and $$$ so please help us with a small donation

Thank you David and the group One Small Candle

Mayflower Descendants Offer

Greetings! For a copy of a beautiful image of the Mayflower please fill in the form below and we will send you an email copy of the poster to get printed at your local copy shop. This poster looks beautiful framed and on a wall!

A small donation will help us keep One Small Candle alive. Paypal here >

All we ask is that you enjoy the poster BUT! remember we are a community interest group that sometimes struggle with finances. We wear authentic hand made costumes and live the Mayflower story in Plymouth, England.  

If you could make a donation that would be lovely and much appreciated. If everyone donated a £ or $ or two you will be helping keep One Small Candle alive! Thank you. David

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