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Fees and Costs

We exist through kind donations and grants plus our fee’s for appearances and the Mayflower Heritage Trail.

Everything we do costs us and we have to pass the costs on. We do not make a profit and door-unity-plymouth-pilgrims-3we are all volunteers… no-one gets paid. All income goes to our dedicated One Small Candle bank account which is always up for scrutiny to our sponsors

Here is a rough fee structure that we always bill in advance for

  • One Pilgrim with a walking tour & ambassadorial appearance = £100
  • One Pilgrim in a local school is just £50 (covers taxi and costume cleaning)
  • For the group the fee is £200
  • We always graciously accept tips and donations
  • We do sell very unique postcards for 50p or £1

Thank you

Need to talk with us about anything? Please get in touch 07538 199694

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