Mayflower Steps – Where Are They?

Us Pilgrims get asked the question “Are these the real Mayflower Steps”……

We have researched a lot over the past few years and feel that the comments that the original Mayflower Steps are in Admiral Macbride Ladies room are just urban myth started a few years ago.

Our research tells us that the Mayflower berthed next to where the Mayflower Sailing Club is now (there was a terrible storm and this was as safe a berth as any). We know the Mayflower moved when the bad weather subsided and that the Mayflower moved down a little to where the Mayflower Steps are now.

We believe the Mayflower was moved again by Master Jones and the final berth in Plymouth was opposite where Queen Anne’s Battery is now. There were too many dockside ne’r do wells hanging around and the only protection for the Mayflower was Myles Standish who was often not around! So we believe the Mayflower moved away from the hustle and bustle of the Barbican to “the other side”. There are hundreds of images of the Puritans climbing into a rowing boat but to where? Well the other side….



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