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Mayflower Remedies

Honeysuckle – a vine to treat fevers, sore throats, boils and skin sores.

Cranberries – from the Indians, she learned that cranberries were excellent when mashed and used as a poultice for wounds.

Lemon balm – comfort for the heart; also aided digestion.

Morning glories – the vines of morning glories acted as a laxative, and the flowers were helpful in relieving a backache and healing broken bones.

Parsley – comforted the stomach, prevented baldness and was helpful in assisting fretful infants to break wind.

Rosemary – used with embalming.

Sage – calmed the nerves.

Columbine – leaves acted as a lotion, good to rub on sore mouths and throats. Taken in wine it was thought to give a speedy delivery for childbirth.

Comfrey – came from England. Roots boiled with water or wine was good for drinking. Helped inward hurts and bruises. As a tea it was drunk for a restful sleep.

Flax – planted to spin the fibres for thread for linen; good for treatment of rheumatic pains. The seedling seed aided in digestion and was used for poultices.

Foxglove – gentle cleansing; it rid the body of clammy skin. Ointment was used for a scabby head.

Roses – could cure anything.

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