Pilgrim’s Home Idea for Plymouth, England

The idea is for a realistic Pilgrim’s home here in Plymouth.  A place that could be built by the community, City College, Plymouth College of Art 3D department along with anyone that wants to be involved in Mayflower 400 2020.

Retiree’s with carpentery or decorator skills spring to mind.

The Pilgrim’s home would see one or more Pilgrim re-enactors in full authentic costumes made by Plymouth College of Art Costume department.  It would be the intention to see the Pilgrims stay in character and talking about life in 1620 – 1622, the year of the Mayflower voyage and the gradual settlement.

The Pilgrim’s home would be a wonderful legacy and give a massive sense of the history of the Mayflower Pilgrims, close to the Mayflower Memorial of 1620.

David has often thought one of the units on Commercial Wharf would be a superb place as these units have a frequent turnover of residents or no residents at all.

3D effects can be sourced from eBay, Etsy and such along with our friends at Plymouth College of Art

Any help from the community along with any good ideas welcome!  To be a part of One Small Candle you don’t have to be a Pilgrim look a like!

Any questions or ideas please email One Small Candle onesmallcandle@outlook.com



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