About One Small Candle

The idea for One Small Candle came about in 2009 when founder David and his American wife Elizabeth returned to England after 15 years living in the United States.

It was Thanksgiving Day and a visit to Plymouth’s Barbican took David and Liz to the Mayflower Steps which was really busy, yet missing something. The area around the Mayflower Steps seemed underwhelming and crying out for something welcoming. David mentioned to Liz that a costumed Pilgrim character to meet, greet and show tourists where the best places to see were, someone warm, friendly and not pushy.¬† Liz agreed and the journey began.

A few years later David had his first authentic Pilgrim costume made at Plymouth College of Art costume department and off he went. From the very first minute at the Mayflower Steps David was really busy telling history, guiding visitors to must see places and taking some American and Dutch tourists on an impromptu walk back in time.

That was it! One Small Candle was born and soon we became four with David’s wife Liz having a Lady Pilgrim costume made which was quickly followed by their friend’s adorable daughters Isabella 9 and Olivia 6 who recently left us to move to Bournemouth.

The Pilgrim family now consists of Sophia 9, Charlie 10, Jane, Dan, Elizabeth and David.

One Small Candle continue to grow and will be introducing drama and actors to the Mayflower 400 Heritage Trail along with a very unique stage show called “The Crossing”. ¬†Working with (University of Plymouth) Marjon Performing Art will see the “lovely project” blossom.

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