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One Small Candle in Plymouth area schools

Mayflower Community Academy said

Hi David,

Thank you so much for the story telling sessions today. The pupils have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and didn’t stop talking about it all afternoon. 

The pupils were so inspired from your story that a few came back at lunch time to ask if mayflower-school-plymouth-02they could sit in our book corners and research more facts about the Mayflower Ship. 

The pupils each produced a piece of writing, capturing many of your inspiring and gruesome facts! Your sessions gave a real purpose to our project learning. The pupils now have a real background knowledge which they can use and apply in their tour guide booklets in preparation for our school trip.

Thank you for your kind donation of the Mayflower Ship Maps and Post cards. The parents were so touched at the end of the day by their child’s excitement, many exclaimed that they wish they had been invited to take part.

The pupils are very much looking forward to meeting you on the Barbican for our KS1 trip. Thank you again for a wonderful morning!

Kind regards,

Carly-Ann Rose

KS1 Phase Leader

Mayflower Community Academy