We are One Small Candle a community interest group. Our focus is on developing interesting, quirky and educational tales of the Mayflower and Pilgrims.

Our walking tours are around 45 minutes to 2 hour long and take in the best and most interesting parts of Plymouth’s historic Barbican. We pop in and out of years surrounding 1620. 16th and 17th century Plymouth plus a few recent historical events.

We follow in the Pilgrim’s footsteps and show you where the Mayflower really berthed, where the Pilgrims played, stayed and gathered stock for the epic voyage.

Our Mayflower Heritage Trail can be customised to your needs and we promise you won’t be bored!

We also show you some oft missed yet very interesting parts of the historic Barbican area of Plymouth.

We’d like to let you know we are not professional tour guides! You will be guided by a warm, friendly and kind Pilgrim with no flags or well honed patter. We are who we are and everyone likes us so why change?

Thank you so much for your entertaining tour of the Barbican.

To start at The Mayflower Steps meant so much to our friends who were visiting from Plymouth, Massachusetts.

When you mentioned William Brewster of course they were really pleased as one of them teaches a direct descendent, Noah Brewster.

The rest of our group was made up of teachers who work in Plymouth – and we all learnt something on the tour – I didn’t know there was a Castle, we hadn’t realised that the waterfront came in so close to the buildings and we certainly had no idea that the original Mayflower Steps are in the pub toilet.

Fiona Pendreigh

Head of Plymouth Youth Music Service Leadership Adviser; Music

Learning and Communities

Plymouth City Council

“The day spent with One Small Candle was superb. The care and support given with the planning of our day from the host, gave us all the most fantastic day. A very interesting and historical session, along with good conversation and company. A worthwhile event grounding the routes of our heritage.”

Phillip Stacey, New York, NY. Visited November 2016

We were a group of two but treated as if we were as important as twenty! David and Liz made us feel like it was their honour to show us some of the historical sites in Plymouth and they shared the stories with charm. They wore authentic costumes and had interesting information about little known parts of Plymouth’s past. They even found us a pub serving a traditional American Thanksgiving Day feast because we were visiting on that holiday. If you enjoy history and meeting nice people you will delight in this tour.

Wendy and Julie


The areas we take you to can be very slippery so caution is needed. There are many steps and narrow paths. Just so you know!

Thank you